Trust Stamp

Who are You? and Do I Trust You?

…are the most fundamental questions in every transaction and yet with an onslaught of fraudulent synthetic identities, data hacks, email phishing and account-takeover the answers are increasingly in doubt

Truststamp.ai creates proprietary artificial intelligence solutions; researching and leveraging facial biometric science and wide-scale data mining to deliver insightful identity & trust predictions while identifying and defending against fraudulent identity attacks.

We utilize the cutting-edge power and agility of GPU processing and neural-networks to process data faster and more effectively than has ever previously been possible, as well as deliver results at a disruptively low cost that allows usage across multiple industries, including:

  • Banking/FinTech
  • Biometrically Secured Email
  • KYC/AML Compliance
  • Law Enforcement
  • P2P Transactions, Social Media and Sharing Economy
  • Real Estate