Banking and Fintech

Complete customizable solutions available on-premises, hosted or via API include:
  • Apply-By-Smile™ customer onboarding
  • Beneficial ownership registration
  • Call Center access optimization
  • Device-based fraud detection
  • Encrypted e-mail and messaging
  • Facial and Behavioral Biometrics
  • Graylisting™ allowing identity fraud detection intra or inter institution using non-PII data
  • KYC / AML for new and existing accounts (including fast-track remediation projects)
  • Multi-factor and step-up authentication
  • Online account access for customers, vendors and staff
  • Password recovery and OTP/SMS replacement
  • Synthetic Identity elimination
  • Wire-transfer authorizations
icon Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud

Send a link to your customer before you commence a business relationship

icon Wire Fraud

Wire Fraud

The customer provides a selfie, photos of their Identity and address documents and then completes a short online form

icon Money Laundering

Money Laundering

You verify the data provided and a report is created and stored for your Organisation

Step Up Authentication

When a suspected account take-over occurs, Trust Stamp’s step-up authentication allows enterprises to send the customer a secure message with a link prompting them to confirm their identity by taking a “secure selfie”. By comparing the secure selfie to the biometric hash collected at registration (for pre-registered customers) or to photo-ID and online images (for non-registered customers), you can quickly authenticate legitimate customers and provide instant account access

Along with our step-up authentication, our proprietary biometric hash can be used to search pictures of other account holders, fraudulently created with stolen or synthetic identities, who might be using the same face in a process we call “Greylisting”. This process continues to catch fraudsters using the same face for multiple accounts, allowing our clients to give their customers a piece of mind that their accounts and identities are safe

Apply by Selfie