Gareth Genner - portrait

Gareth Genner

CEO: Corporate Strategy and Strategic Partnerships

With over 20 years of startup experience in founding, operational and advisory capacities, Gareth provides Trust Stamp with technical, managerial and visionary skills, as well as legal and compliance expertise. Gareth has successfully conceptualized, implemented, scaled and exited multiple businesses including a cloud storage enterprise with 3.2m users, which he sold in 2012 to, a Tomorrow Ventures company, and which was acquired by a non-profit educational group in 2016. A British lawyer by training, Gareth holds a U.S. LLM in International Taxation & Financial Services.

Andrew Gowasack - portrait

Andrew Gowasack

President: Chief Evangelist

An economist by training, Andrew began his career in financial services sales and marketing. Gareth and Andrew have been friends for several years and explored a number of ideas before identifying the unparalleled potential of Trust Stamp. Although Trust Stamp is Andrew’s first startup, he has immersed himself in the lean-startup environment by completing incubator programs through Founder’s Space in San Francisco, QC FinTech in Charlotte and NAR REach in Chicago. Each of these programs has provided a different perspective and honed a different set of startup skills.

Management team

Scott Francis - portrait

Scott Francis


Mike Battersby - portrait

Mike Battersby

President, Trust Stamp Europe & Trust Stamp Fintech Ltd

Bill McClintock - portrait

Bill McClintock

Chair Biometric Innovations Ltd.

David Story - portrait

David Story

MD, Trust Stamp Europe & Biometric Innovations Ltd

Alex Valdes - portrait

Alex Valdes


Mark Birschbach - portrait

Mark Birschbach

Board Member

Dr. Norman Poh - portrait

Dr. Norman Poh

Chief Science Officer

John Bridge - portrait

John Bridge

Director of Financial Crime Services

Nisha Naik - portrait

Nisha Naik

Marketing Director

Mike Cepe - portrait

Mike Cepe

VP Quality Assurance

Jacek Suwalski - portrait

Jacek Suwalski

VP Product Delivery

Sunflower AI Technologies

  • Sylwek Brzęczkowski – Tech Lead
  • Piotr Klibert – AI Engineer
  • Alexander Kononenko – AI Engineer
  • Sergey Kospanov – AI Engineer
  • Mateusz Misiak – AI Engineer
  • Cezary Nowak – AI Engineer
  • Jacek Szpot – AI Engineer
  • Anna Tenenbaum – Project Manager
  • Jakub Zalewski – AI Engineer

Sunflower AI SEZ

  • Barbara Genner - Global IP Licensing

Advisory Board

  • Frank Hanna III – Advisor, FSH Capital
  • Michael Lindenau – Advisor, Software Architect
  • Frank Tighe – Advisor, ATDC

Biometrics Innovations Limited (UK/EU Affiliate)

  • David Garland – Advisor, Second Century Ventures
  • John Leather – Advisor, UK Payments Industry

Operations and Support

  • Tracy Ming - Operations / Accounting Manager

Quality Assurance

  • Veronica Baruela – QA Engineer
  • Sovan Ghoshal - QA Engineer
  • John Salvio III – QA Engineer
  • Aaron Torres – QA Engineer