P2P Transactions, Social Media and Sharing Economy

Custom-Branded ID Verification & Onboarding Tool

Every enterprise needs to establish trust, verify identity, and manage the relationships with the people whom your company interacts with. Trust Stamp’s pay-per-use utility is a turn-key platform that enables you as an administrator to immediately verify your customers, employees and contractors. Through the platform, you will be able to send SMS / email invitations which will prompt your users through the white-labeled Trust Stamp verification process.

Biometric Login

With the increase in internet-mediated transactions, providing speed and convenience as a part of your service, product, or platform is becoming more critical. Biometric Login, powered by Trust Stamp’s core identity solution, separates your company from the competition by providing a fast and secure biometric integration for your customers to access their accounts.

Replacement of OTP-via-SMS

SMS-OTP’s can be easily intercepted by criminals, compromising existing two-factor authentication processes. Trust Stamp has created a replacement for SMS-OTP’s with web channel delivery of encrypted passwords that are only decrypted by the biometrics of the intended recipient.